Ibsen Performances

”Peer Gynt” – as Peer Gynt
Aberdeen International Youth Festival/Elisabeth G. Youth Theatre
Music by Arne Nordheim
Directed by E.Gording

”Peer Gynt – A One Man Performance”
The National Theatre of Norway /Norwegian tour ( by 2009- 200 performances)
Directed by E.Gording/K.Conradi

”The Pretenders” – as Peter Skuleson
The National Theatre of Norway
Directed by Terry Hands

”The League of Youth” – as Stensgård
The National Theatre of Norway
Directed by Edith Roger

”Love’s Comedy”- as Falk
The National Radio Theatre, Norway (NRK)
Directed by E.B..Due
(Best actor award 2007)

”The Pretenders”- as King Håkon Håkonsson
The Royal Theatre of Denmark
Directed by A.M.Eidem

”The Wild Duck” – as Relling
The National Radio Theatre,Norway (NRK)
Directed by E.B..Due

”The Lady from the Sea” – as Lyngstrand
The National Radio Theatre, Norway (NRK)
Directed by E.B..Due

”Death of mother Aase”- as Peer Gynt
with : Liv Ullmann as Aase
and The Norwegian Broadcasting-Orchestra(KORK)
International Tv-Broadcast (NRK)
Henrik.Ibsen 100- years celebration

”When We Dead Awaken” – as The bear hunter
The National Theatre of Norway, (Torshov)
Directed by Jo Strømgren

”Do you lie – Peer?” as Peer Gynt, for children, The National Theatre of Norway

”Emperor and Galelian” – a live reading of the play – several leading characters.
The National Theatre of Norway
Directed by Astrid Folstad



Hosted the Henrik Ibsen International Centennial Award 2006, with Actress Liv Ullmann (among the recipients were Glenda Jackson, Claire Bloom and Ghitta Nørby)

Hosted the 100Years-Anniversary of The National Theatre of Norway, live broadcast for television – celebration included the performance of various texts by Henrik Ibsen.

Various work as host for Ibsen-related arrangements in Norway.

Textwork/plays at The Norwegian Academy of Dramatic Arts include:

  • Hedda Gabler
  • Little Eyolf
  • A Doll’s House
  • John Gabriel Borkmann
  • Rosmersholm
  • Peer Gynt


Kare Conradi

Wars of the Roses

Kåre is starring in "The Wars of the Roses" alongside Joely Richardson in Kingston from September. Dircted by Sir Trevor Nunn. More.

Kare Conradi

"He has musical timing in movements and lines, alternating between elegant arrogance, self-irony, despair and eventually rage. Conradi serves the sharp repartee with ironic lash." More...

Kare Conradi

Little Eyolf

For the Ibsen Festival this autumn, Kåre revisits the rold of Alfred Allmers in Ibsen's "Little Eyolf": When the dream of the perfect family becomes a night-mare for the kids.

Kare Conradi

Pir Ghani in Mumbai

Kåre's one-man-show with Peer Gynt was so well received in Oslo that Mumbai couldn't wait to see it for themselves. Read more.